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The Perceptive Mind is a web site for exploring the word’s thoughts, ideas, and products using critical reasoning and the 5 whys.  Often today’s schools teach a philosophy that removes individualism, critical thinking, and creativity from one’s mindset.  Political correctness forces people to think alike and peer pressure forces natural questioning to be abandoned.  We feel these approaches in teaching youth are the central cause of many problems experienced in America today.

As a technology, manufacturing, and business consultant, my professional life is built around solving real problems like “how to increase production” or “how to reduce cost”. In this environment a consultant can not survive without being able to reason critically, determine root causes of problems, and figuring out how to fix those problems. This site is about exploring and applying the same reasoning to the problems and issues of today’s life.

If you like to information you find here, please purchase or click through our advertising links. We are independent and our only income is through this site and consulting we provide.

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