Mac Non-free Electronic Design Automation Software

Wikipedia lists a number of proprietary options for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software that should work on a Mac. This post details my experience looking for schematic capture.  This post will be updated as I work through the options to find a schematic creation and board design software for the Mac.

  1. McCAD. PCB-ST: Lite – free – about 150 pins, SE500 – $24.95 – about 450 pins. Schematics: Lite – free – about 150 pins, SE500 – $24.95 – about 450 pins. Basic schematic $295, Everything $1395 Several other versions/price options.  last release 10 June 2012.  Available in the Mac App Store.
  2. Osmond PCB. $79, free for designs less than 700 pins, last update 20 Mar 2014, does not do schematic capture or simulation.
  3. DesignWorks. $70 for LogicWorks (Released 17 Jan 2014), $200 for DesignWorks Pro (Released 07 Jan 2014). Only Available in the Mac App Store.
  4. Eagle. $315 for standard schematic capture to $820 for standard layout, schematic capture, and routing.  Update 6.5 released  7 Aug 2013.  Light edition ($69) is limited to 100 x 80 mm board size, 2 board layers, and 1 schematic sheet.  Good description of the various options is located here.  Library of components seems very complete right down to the manufactures name and part number.  So far the best I have found.  The GUI is a little non-mac like as its obviously using non-native or cross platform library.
  5. Douglas. $25 if you use Douglas for PC boards, $495 to use with other manufacturers.  Demo expires in 30 days.  A lot of pages on the web site do not function.  Does not inspire.
  6. DesignSpark PCB.
  7. Mentor Graphics.
  8. OrCad.
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